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Charlotte Lyne

Charlotte Lyne was born in Berlin in 1965, studied German, Latin and Italian literature in Neapel and Berlin along with American studies in Berlin and London. She lives with her British husband and three children in London and works as a translator, editor and author.

„Perhaps I should have become an archeologist. I love digging. Do I need another reason to write down stories? Fear of death, I think. Quite presumptuously, I want stories that I can dig up or that others have given me and that don’t disappear with me, but rather live on in others who can then experience them in their time and in a new way. I’d like to hide myself behind the stories, be allowed to be shy as the stories try to lure potential readers, offering themselves up, flattering, wooing and flirting. My stories speak of the fear of death and the thirst for life. From secret worlds. And from me.“
– Charlotte Lyne –