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Jörg Kastner

Even as a child, Jörg Kastner, who was born in Minden an der Weser, was an enthusiastic reader with a particular love of adventure and suspense literature. So it wasn’t hard for him to reject the legal profession after law school to dedicate his time as a writer. Precise research and the ability to tell a story with irresistible suspense are what make his novels what they are. Translated into 15 languages, his books are also an international success. He is best known for the multiple volume Germanic saga about the Cheruscan prince Arminius and his brother-in-arms Thorag, the Rembrandt novel Die Farbe Blau and his series of Vatican thrillers that begins with Engelpapst. Jörg Kastner lives with his wife, also a writer, Corinna Kastner in Hannover.