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Marie Sand

Marie Sand is the pseudonym of Gabriele Borgmann. She studied art history, worked in newspaper editorial offices and was involved for many years in a political foundation for the realisation of human rights in South Asia. She has been advising non-fiction authors on concept and style since 2009. In 2022, she published her first novel about a quiet heroine. It was the start of a series.
Her quiet heroines can be found throughout all eras and are at home in all cultures. What they have in common is an indestructible core in their hearts. They remain true to themselves, growing in an almost defiant way in the face of danger. At the decisive moment, such heroines step onto the stage of life in the front row and master the circumstances. The motif is love. It is loyalty. And it is the determination to remain confident, even when life is falling apart at the seams.
Marie Sand lives and works in Berlin.