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Peter Dempf

Born in 1959 in the suburbs of Augsburg, Peter Dempf, began his writing career at the tender age of twelve. He found a torn paperback novel whose missing pages he decided to replace with stories of his own. After graduating with a concentration in German, history and social studies, he became an instructor for German as a foreign language as well as a business trainer for body language and rhetoric before finally landing a position as a high school teacher.
Peter Dempf’s work has been recognized with numerous awards such as the Art and Literature Prize for the County of Augsburg in 2001. The Augsburger Allgemeine reports: „Peter Dempf is a gifted storyteller.“ The author intends to not only provide an interesting, entertaining read, but also knowledge that gives his readers solid access to the time periods he describes. Peter Dempf lives with his family in Stadtbergen near Augsburg.

„For over thirty years I have been active as an author who intentionally writes literature from various angles. Along with historic novels, I have also written mysteries, books for children and youth and theater pieces. I have also written and produced musicals, picture books and poetry. Why do I write? Because true stories lurk behind brittle facts. It is a science to find the gaps and search for the puzzle pieces that fit in these gaps. The stories that arise from it are not only probable; they also offer an entertaining and interesting new perspective on history. It is my goal to bring appealing stories to paper and to bring readers to unusual places with extraordinary people. My efforts have brought me numerous literary prices. My readers love the lure of my writing style. You won’t be able to put my books down. Promise!“
– Peter Dempf –