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Sharon Brehm

Couples therapist Dr Sharon Brehm is convinced: We are all capable of relationships. Because love is a skill and we can all learn it. In this guidebook, she tells us honestly and compassionately about the difficulties of finding a partner today and how we can overcome them. The scientifically based insight into the art of love is complemented by practice-tested tips, questions for self-reflection and coaching exercises. In this way, the author shows how we can better understand ourselves and our needs, which attachment type we belong to and how we can authentically and confidently express our desires. Her modern, fresh look at the challenges of today's world gives courage and provides the long-awaited orientation in the dating jungle.
Love is a learnable skill: understanding yourself better, staying authentic and falling in love for the long term.
This is how dating is fun: scientifically based theses and tried-and-tested tips and exercises.
The author is an experienced couples therapist and hosts the podcast "Hello, Lovers" together with Anika Landsteiner.