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Thomas Baschab

The mental coach, trainer, keynote speaker and author is known for his work as a management trainer for large corporations and as a mental coach for numerous high performing athletes. In his various seminars Thomas Baschab offers powerful solutions to reaching your goals beyond what you thought possible. Since 1987 he has helped executives and their employee walk the path to success with his unusual methods and enthusiastic presentation style that is an authentic combination of profundity and humor. He coaches top corporate executives and holds presentations as a guest lecturer at universities and colleges. Energized in five seconds, relaxed with the snap of your fingers, high performance with the touch of a button. These are just a few examples of what is possible with Thomas Baschab’s mental training. The days of learning to relax after hours of complicated exercises and mental techniques are over. „If it doesn’t happen simply, it simply doesn’t happen“ is his motto. His professional passion and personal vision are geared toward helping people expand their horizons and to help them gain access to the immense possibilities that mental training can offer for all areas of your life. When working together with Thomas Baschab, people recognize the opportunity to use their potential, reach their goals and realize their dreams. Since 2012 he and his wife, intuition trainer Mirja Baschab-Lang, train others to become mental coaches themselves.