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Ralph Gassmann

Dramatic Rights

Ralph Gassman is a dual national of Switzerland and the UK and is in charge of looking after the dramatic rights of our authors.
As a trained actor he naturally feels at home in the world of film and television and is looking back on a successful career himself, having played numerous roles in British, German, Swiss and American productions. 
He studied in England where he also lived for over 15 years. In Switzerland he was nominated for Best Lead Performance at the Swiss Film Prize. In recent years Ralph has had an increasing amount of work in Germany where he is best known for his appearances in some of the popular Tatort films (ARD), his regular role in the tv series Die Fallers (SWR) and various productions for ZDF.
Ralph has moved his base to Berlin in 2013. He is a passionate scuba diver, has a weakness for spicy food and (surprise, surprise..!) loves a good story.