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Max Kruse

Max Kruse was born in 1921 as the son of sculptor Max Kruse and doll artist Käthe Kruse. After finishing grammar school, he studied Philosophy and Business Studies in Jena. The Second World War interrupted his studies. After the end of the war, he began working as a doll maker in his mother's manufactory. When his mother was disowned he fled to West Germany, working first as a copywriter and later as a freelance writer. He created the popular children's book character Das Urmel aus dem Eis and many beloved classics of children's literature such as the Löwe-series,  Der Morgenstern,  Don Blech and many more. He was awarded with the Federal Cross of Merit in 1993. In 2000, he received the Grand Prix of the German Academy of children's literature. Max Kruse is part of the academic advisory board of the Giordano Bruno foundation and is a member of P.E.N. He died in September 2015 in the age of 93 in his hometown Penzberg.