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Michael Ende

Michael Ende (1929 - 1995) continues to delight millions of readers around the world with his fantastic works. His books have a worldwide circulation of over 35 million copies and have been translated into more than 53 languages. Many of his books have been filmed or edited for radio and television. He has received numerous German and international awards for his literary work. Michael Ende wrote his stories for people of all ages. Whoever reads Ende must have maintained a certain level of amazement, unintentionality and magical thinking. The reader must firmly believe that our world has more to offer than what can be counted, measured and weighed. He wanted to touch this hidden, vulnerable level of humanity with his stories. And it hits his readers right in the heart. You need no instruction to read Michael Ende’s works. All we need is our curiosity, which Ende was able to preserve for himself his entire life. Just as he always surprised himself, he surprises us again and again, as long as we keep our doors open and are not afraid to let ourselves be touched in that place where we are ourselves.