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Thomas R. P. Mielke

Thomas R. P. Mielke was born in 1940. While still at school, he began work on his first science fiction novel, "Unternehmen Dämmerung", which appeared in 1961 under the pseudonym Mike Parnell. In 1965 he graduated from the Hamburg Advertising Academy, writing advertising copy by day and science fiction novels by night. Together with Rolf W. Liersch, Thomas R. P. Mielke developed the concept of the alternative science fiction series Die Terranauten from 1976. His extensive portfolio includes over 100 novels and short stories. He wrote less science fiction over time, but never completely lost sight of this genre as he focused more and more on historical novels. Thomas R. P. Mielke was married and had four grown-up children. He passed away on 31 August 2020.