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Jana Crämer

From mobbing victim to motivator: Jana Crämer had a severe eating disorder, weighed almost 180 kilos just a few years ago and was mobbed for years. She took her life into her own hands and lost 100 kilos.
Today, Jana is a TikToker with more than 600K followers, has a very successful Instagram channel, is on YouTube, writes a blog ("endlich-ich.com"), publishes a regular podcast ("Schweigen ändert nichts") and goes on concert reading tours throughout Germany with the well-known musician Batomae.
The two best friends have already visited well over 50,000 schoolchildren with their performances as part of the "Initiative BKK bauchgefühl" and the invitations are never ending.
Jana Crämer has already been honoured for her commitment with the SignsAward18, the "Oscar of the communication industry".