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Tanja Kinkel

Dr. Tanja Kinkel, born 1969 in Bamberg. Studied German language and literature, drama and communication studies, 8 cultural and literary awards, since 2021 recipient of the Bavarian Order of Merit. Scholarships in Rome, Los Angeles and at the script writing class in the Munich University of Television and Film, Munich; guest lecturer at colleges and universities in Germany and abroad, President of the International Feuchtwanger Society. Tanja Kinkel's oeuvre includes 20 novels with a print run of over 7 million; her books have been translated into 15 languages. Tanja Kinkel is patron of the Federal Association of Children's Hospices and co-founder of the children's aid organisation "Brot und Bücher e.V." (Bread and Books), which was founded in 1992.