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Wolfram Fleischhauer

Wolfram Fleischhauer studied comparative literature in Germany, France, Spain and the USA. He is the author of successful novels such as Drei Minuten mit der Wirklichkeit, Das Meer and Die Purpurlinie and is now also a successful screenwriter and producer of cinema films such as Fikkefuchs (2017) and his first film adaptation of a novel, Schweigend steht der Wald (2022).
As one of the first authors in the German-speaking world to create and narrate relevant contemporary or historical material in an emotionally and intellectually captivating way, Wolfram Fleischhauer's books and films have also met with a great international response. The film version of Schweigend steht der Wald has been sold in over 14 countries, and novels such as Die Purpurlinie and Drei Minuten mit der Wirklichkeit have been translated into over twenty languages. Wolfram Fleischhauer is currently working on other novel projects as well as developing further film and series material.

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